Box Turtle

Current Sightings

Winter brings a quiet to the woods and gardens of Fernwood, but not at the Nature Center feeders!  A pair of red-breasted nuthatches arrived in November and have been busy feeding on the peanuts. Both downy and hairy woodpeckers are coming regularly to the suet cages, and juncos are always busy scratching for seeds under the feeders. While we haven't seen our wild turkeys at the feeders lately, once the snow arrives they should return for regular meals. 

Snowfall also reveals what animals are wandering around the grounds. Deer tracks will be abundant in the gardens and turkey tracks wander all over the property. Mating season starts for fox and coyote in January, with their tracks often seen in the wet forest starting then. As it slightly warms in February, raccoons, skunks, and opossums emerge to look for mates as well, with their tracks found around the Nature Center and near our pond and creeks. 

Bundle up and come out for a walk to see what you discover at Fernwood this winter!