Ravine Garden Primroses.

Ravine Garden

On their first visit to what is now Fernwood, Kay and Walter Boyston saw the possibilities for developing the former owner's dumping ground. Although overgrown with tall weeds, the spot had all the ingredients needed for a rock garden: a variety of slopes, dry and wet spots, pools, rills, and ever-flowing springs–everything except the rocks.

Development of the garden began in the 1950s. From 1958 to 1966 the Boystons supervised the placement of several tons of tufa rock. These rocks formed the foundation and outcrops of the garden, providing pockets and crevices for the planting of Kay's favorite miniature and dwarf plants.

Today the former "dump" abounds with plants native to many parts of the world and from many different habitats. Although beautiful any time of the year, the garden shines in the spring when the Japanese primroses and many of the miniatures bloom.