Rachel Heiple Memorial Rain Garden

Presented in memory of Rachel D. Heiple (1968-2014) by Rachel’s family and friends. Rachel was a native of Illinois and a resident of Stevensville, and she enjoyed birdwatching and visiting the gardens of Fernwood.

Hardworking and beautiful – the job of a rain garden is to collect and return rainwater into the ground. This new garden will be located in front of the Flora wing of Fernwood’s new Education Center, which will be approximately 72 feet long. Rain gardens calm down storm water, recharge water supplies, filter potential pollutants, cool run off water, beautify our surroundings, and become attractive havens for birds, butterflies, and wildlife. The rain garden will greet visitors and educate about Fernwood's role in protecting important wildlife habitat and prevent erosion in our natural areas and pollutants from reaching the St. Joseph River.