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Yoga at Fernwood

Fall Yoga
Vinyasa Flow
Wednesdays, September 5, 12, 19, 26 and October 3, 10, 17, 24

September 5, 12, 19, 26
October 3, 10, 17, 24
(Beginners session, chairs available)

September 5, 12, 19, 26
October 3, 10, 17, 24
(Flow class designed for more experienced yogis)

Wednesdays, November 7 & 14
12:15–1:30pm session only

Bring your yoga practice into the gardens surrounded by the changing colors and falling leaves of the season! Both classes, while focusing on different levels, incorporate both yang (energetic movement) and yin (restorative) poses and will rejuvenate your spirit. Taught by Deirdre Guthrie, yoga/meditation teacher and wellbeing research professor at The University of Notre Dame. Please bring your own props (straps, blocks, bolsters) if you have them.   

$12 (Members $10)
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Final Fridays

September 14 & 28, October 12, 5:30–7pm

Celebrate the evening transition by diving into our Yin meridians, holding poses longer to release tension in the joints and ligaments. Close the session with a deeply restorative 30-minute Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation to relieve yourself from the pressure of the week and “awaken” refreshed and fully present to your life. Suitable to all yoga levels.  

$12 (Members $10)  
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Wellbeing Workshop

All of the programs below can be facilitated on-site in the gardens or travel to your location and customized to your unique context. They can include some combination of sensory awareness, movement and guided meditation or other wisdom practice using nature as a catalyst for our human potential.

Contact instructor, Deirdre Guthrie, to set up a free consultation at dguthrie@fernwoodbotanical.org.

Ongoing weekly classes accessible to all levels that combine yin/yang elements to both strengthen and restore the body-mind-spirit! Look for special outdoor seasonal “wellbeing festival” events that include guest instructors, live music, massage tables, vendors and more!

These workshops incorporate mindfulness and reconnection to our own inner nature as we engage in sensory walks, explore micro-environments, create collages and poetry inspired by natural elements, and allow ourselves to be guided in meditation. Two retreats are offered each season: winter, spring, summer and fall.

Circles are an ancient way of gathering together to restore our profound interconnection. We may need to repair harm that resulted from some unmet need, strengthen our connection to community or tell our own stories in a safe container. Examples of groups: men/women, youth/teens, parents, seniors/retirees, peers/colleagues, cancer survivors, those living with chronic illness/pain, healing from addiction support.  

Customized to acknowledge the power and meaning of our collective life transitions and celebrations (births, divorce, grieving, anniversaries, weddings/unions, house/barn blessings), Deirdre will work with you to co-create a ritual to honor these sacred times in our lives.


Adults/General Public
- The Science of Awe and Beauty

- Embracing impermanence  
- Storytelling and the cycles of life
- The web of our interconnection  
- Sustainability of self (self-care practices) and our environment

- Compassionate, Embodied Leadership
- Harnessing states of Flow (enhanced focus, engagement, absorption, pleasure)
- Team building

- Kindness Practices
- Technology Detox

Reclaiming our Nature Contemplative Program
Fall Retreats


Saturday, September 15 &
Saturday, November 17, 1–4pm

Join meditation teacher and University of Notre Dame research professor, Deirdre Guthrie, for the last of our 2018 seasonal contemplative programs, with these fall sessions drawing from the falling leaves and changing colors to awaken our senses. Engage with sacred symbols of art, nature, and your own deeply interwoven selves as Deirdre guides you through your own inner landscape of well-being. Please dress for a short outdoor walk and gentle movement drawn from yoga and qigong.  

$40 (Fernwood Members $32)

Registration required by September 11 & November 13.
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About the Instructor
Deirdre is a research professor, storyteller and anthropologist investigating and practicing in the area of human flourishing and social-ecological justice. In this capacity she serves as a principal investigator on the Well Being at Work Project at the University of Notre Dame. Click here to continue.

What people are saying...

“Deirdre came to our barn before the commitment ceremony and created such a beautiful yoga practice for us to share before the big day. She really listened during the consult and prepared such a sweet closing meditation for our group, celebrating love and our friendship!”  
- Molly, bridesmaid

“I absolutely loved the spring retreat and found it to be very nourishing and healing for my soul! Thank you so very much for your time, attention, and planning. I had looked forward to the retreat for weeks, and am so appreciative, and grateful for the gift of peace, comfort, and refreshment.”
- Christine, teacher