Panayoti Kelaidis

Senior Curator & Director of Outreach
Denver Botanic Gardens

Lessons from Garden Masters: Four Great Gardens and Lessons They Teach Us
In the course of his travels, Panayoti Kelaidis been lucky to visit some of the great gardens of the world. The variety of styles and techniques that gardeners use to create and maintain gardens of year round beauty are of special interest to him. Panayoti will share visits he’s made to a garden in the Czech Republic that’s built on a steep slope with cliffs, a tiny urban garden in Netherlands, an expansive suburban garden in Michigan and his favorite English garden. Each of these gardens has utterly distinct style, plant palette and scope—but all have take-away lessons for any gardener—beginner and expert alike.

Panayoti Kelaidis is a plant explorer, gardener and public garden administrator associated with Denver Botanic Gardens where he is now Senior Curator and Director of Outreach. He has designed plantings for many of the gardens at DBG, he is particularly noted for the plantings of the Rock Alpine Garden. He has introduced hundreds of native ornamentals from throughout the Western United States to general horticulture. He has taken seven collecting trips to Southern Africa, researching the high mountain flora there, as well as travels to the Andes, Central Asia (Kazakhstan and Mongolia), the Himalaya (from both Pakistan and China) as well as travels throughout much of Europe from Spain to Turkey and most recently, New Zealand.

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