Scilla Bifolia

Adult Programs

Tatting for Beginners

Tatting is the process of making delicate lace by looping and knotting with a single cotton thread and a small shuttle. Learn the basic tatting stitches in this workshop by Shirley Woods. Enjoy lunch in the Fernwood Café or bring your own. All materials are included.

$30 (Members $24)
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Register by October 1.

Techniques for Painting Water in Pastel

Get your feet wet and put water in your landscapes! Artist, Susan M. Henshaw will lead an art workshop featuring waves, lakes, creeks and rivers in pastels. A supply list is available upon registration. Bring a lunch or pick up something in the Café.

$90 (Members $72)
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Register by October 3.

Succulent Pumpkin

Looking for the perfect fall centerpiece? We’ve got you covered. Create a beautiful fall centerpiece with pumpkins and succulents! There is no carving involved, so your creation can last through the season.

$50 (Members $40)
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Register by October 11.

Autumn Flowers

Come explore Fernwood’s garden paths, fields, and forests to see what is in bloom. And become  inspired to punctuate your autumn garden with color.

$12 (Members $10)
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Register by October 13.

Migrating Ducks and Other Fall Birds

The end of October has ducks continuing to pass through our area, along with the late fall and early winter woodland migrants. Join naturalist Wendy Jones for a morning in the field in search of bufflehead, ruddy ducks, shovellers, Bonaparte’s gulls, kinglets, juncos, and more. Please dress for cool winds over open fields and trail conditions. Meet at Fernwood’s parking lot at 9:00am or at the Three Oaks Sewage Ponds at 9:30am. 

$15 (Members $12)
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Register by October 26.

Fall for Baths

Baths are a perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day! Learn the basics of making your own luxurious bath items, including bath bombs, bath salts, and milk baths. We’ll create different varieties inspired by the season—and just in time for the giving season. A materials list is provided upon registration.

$35 (Members $28)
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Register by November 9.

The Role of Waterways and Watercraft in the North American Fur Trade

Waterways and watercraft were essential for the North American fur trade, a transcontinental system of exchange that involved dozens of trading companies, scores of native groups, hundreds of settlements, thousands of traders, and millions of trade goods over four centuries, and nearly 10 million square miles. Archaeology provides a unique vantage point to examine this global process. Professor Michael Nassaney from Western Michigan University discusses this and the role our own Fort St. Joseph in Niles played in the trading era of the 1700s. His book, The Archaeology of the North American Fur Trade will be available for purchase. 

$15 (Fernwood and Niles History Center Members $12)
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Seed Propagation of Perennials

Now is the time to start perennial plants from seed.  Learn about the cycle of perennial plant production from seed to garden, and learn the best tips on how to successfully grow your old favorites. 

$12 (Members $10)
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Register by November 10

Got Water?
In an effort to reduce the plastic at Fernwood and in the landfills, as you head to Fernwood on a day hike or bus tour, we encourage you to bring your own refillable water vessel. Fernwood thanks you, and the environment will thank you too