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Fernwood offers educational programs throughout the year for people of all ages. Our programs include nature programs for children and adults, "how to" gardening classes, arts and crafts workshops, day trips to natural and horticultural attractions, symposia on gardening and nature subjects, and extended trips within the United States and abroad.

A schedule of upcoming classes, programs and trips are published quarterly in Fernwood's newsletter. Visit our Calendar for additional and updated information, or simply contact Fernwood after you receive updates from our monthly e-newsletter.

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Fernwood joins other organizations nationwide in responding to reports of fraudulent solar eclipse glasses on the market and, given the overall uncertainty, is recalling eclipse glasses that were sold onsite in August. While we were diligent in our actions, we cannot 100% confirm that they can be used to view safely the solar eclipse based on International Organization for Standardization (IOS) requirements.

Even brief unprotected glimpses or glimpses through fake eclipse glasses of the sun can cause blurry vision or blindness.

Fernwood purchased eclipse glasses from solareclipse-glasses.com after confirming with its representative that the eyewear was ISO certified and authentic. The glasses were supplied by the following manufacturers: Lunt Solar Systems and Wenzhou Olu Eyewear, and obtained through the third-party vendor, Ballaj Inc. Certificates of compliance were provided to us.

Lunt Solar Systems is listed as a reputable vendor by the American Astronomical Society (AAS). Wenzhou Olu Eyewear is certified by CTB (China's Certification of Air Craft Carrier Authority). Wenzhou Olu Eyewear is not mentioned on AAS’ list, therefore Fernwood staff contacted NASA. NASA stated that there is an endless number of distributors and could not speak directly to the verification of this product.

In an abundance of caution, because we are unable to verify the authenticity of all of the glasses received from the third-party vendor, we ask that you not use these glasses and return them to Fernwood for refund.

Please refer to the information provided on the NASA website, a link is below.