Garden Master Plan

Garden Master Plan

The master plan will strengthen Fernwood’s connection between innovative horticulture and its unique natural feature, positioning the gardens for the next generation.

The 10-15 year vision, developed with the guidance of MTR Landscape Architects of Pittsburgh, will blend art and nature in an exciting, new way. Fernwood will approach the master plan in phases: $500,000 will allow the process to begin.

Proposed enhancements:

  • Expansion of the popular Railway Garden and Children’s Garden
  • Seasonal displays of late season aconite, spring Japanese primroses, and magic lilies
  • New trail and garden signage for improved way finding
  • Implementation of methods to reduce maintenance
  • Relocate the library to the new Education Center and add needed office space in its place
  • Update the café and outdoor decks 

“Fernwood is a feeling, it’s a place that cultivates the healthy mind, provides gentle moments with trees, flowers, water walks with small discoveries, a cottage, a river, the noisy quiet of birds, insects and wind ruffled leaves. Just some of those dominating moments can grow so many wonderful smiles. It’s just too good.”
Roy Diblik
Northwood Perennial Farm

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