Seed the Future Campaign

Fernwood – A legacy of preservation and education for today… and the future!

Every day, people seek havens for solitude, reflection, learning, and celebration. Every year, thousands of adults, students, and community leaders choose Fernwood as their place in nature to, as Albert Einstein said, “understand everything better.”

Fernwood’s natural, steep, wooded ravines, flowing springs, river frontage, marshes, and diverse wildlife provide versatile setting for personal growth, renewal, and awareness.

It is here where the next generation learns about the connectedness of nature, and where organizations and their employees connect to plan for the future. It is here where visitors from near and far take a break from life’s usual path, and where couples and families celebrate life’s new paths and cherished milestones. It is here where more than 250 volunteers enrich the lives of others, as well as their own, by keeping the sparkle on the jewel that is Fernwood.

Fernwood Continues to Grow

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The investments made possible by Seed the Future – The Legacy Campaign will build on Fernwood’s strengths and create new opportunities for visitors, schools, colleges and universities, and for the businesses and organizations of the region.

Please consider joining us on this important initiative. Your tax-deductible contribution will help Seed The Future for the next generation at Fernwood.


Executive Director
Carol Line

Director of Development and External Relations
Elaine Rowland

Campaign Leadership Team
Joanne Sims, Chair
Cindy Ellis
Mary Keefe
Pat Kill
Peg Larson
Larry Sehy
Mac Sims
Judy Truesdell
Johanna Money
Kathy Rassow
Barbara Craig