Tree Frog


The Kay Boydston Fern House is named for Fernwood’s founder, who was a skilled grower, propagator, and hybridizer of ferns. Rocky cliffs occupy the center of this 1,000-square-foot conservatory, with a waterfall cascading down to a small pond at one end. More than 100 kinds of tropical ferns grow in the rocks and nearby beds, along with a variety of interesting companion plants. Goldfish inhabit the pond and visitors occasionally see frogs in wet hollows among the rocks. A new addition in 2010 is a railway garden exhibit designed by Paul Busse of Applied Imagination, the same designer of our outdoor railway garden. This exhibit features two tracks, one overhead and one at ground level, and landmark buildings made of natural materials.

Orchid Display

Visit Fernwood’s conservatory to discover this constantly changing exhibit of incredible orchids. Display sponsored and curated by the Michiana Orchid Society.